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Okay. I am sick and tired of crazed Matt Hardy fans whining about how much of a skanky slut Lita is. Can't they open their immature little eyes and see that Lita wasn't the only one who fucked up in that situation? Matt fucked up by posting their personal issues all over the internet for everyone to find out. Matt WAS wrong for posting on the internet.. Because he knew it would ruin millions of fans for Lita, and possibly her career. It's common sense. I think that's a jerkish thing to do on his part. I can say that I don't believe Lita would ever do something like that to Matt. She's smarter than that, and I don't believe she's that nasty. It just goes to show Matt Hardy's true colors.

Instead of being an adult, and handling the situation like an adult, Matt had to go whine to the world and try to ruin both Lita and Edge's careers. Face it. Lita was wrong. Edge was wrong. MATT WAS WRONG! I'm tired of people acting like Matt is the innocent one. No one's innocent. Matt just handled it immaturely. I mean, come on.. Listen to Lita's Byte This! She's more adult than he is. I can't speak for Edge.. because who cares about him.

I like Lita. It's not her fault that WWE decided to put her business all over the world. Matt sparked that, no doubt in my mind. People make mistakes. Lita made a mistake.. I'm not going to hate her for it. Her personal issues does not take away from the amount of talent that woman posses in the middle of the wrestling ring.

I don't dislike Matt, but I do think he was wrong for ranting on his website about personal issues. They should have stayed personal.

Basically, both Lita and Matt are in the wrong.. and this whole situation is just an unfortunate thing that the fans need to grow up and forget about. The reason why it won't die is because the fans won't let it die. Stupid, immature little thirteen and fourteen year old fans who thrive off of drama and bullshit. I can't wait until this whole thing dies down, if it ever does. I believe that if the WWE turns Lita back face, she could possibly save her career. But noooo, the WWE doesn't care about their wrestlers lives, they only care about their money and Stephanie's next boob job! (Though, I still like Stephanie!)

Can't people like their favorite wrestlers without all this damn drama? Seriously.

And if Lita seems like a skank, it's because WWE is making her act that way. Kinda like how Trish seemed like a skank, Torrie seemed like a skank, Sable seemed like a skank... Hmm. Hasn't ALMOST EVERY DIVA (except like Molly, Jazz) seemed like a skank?

Please people, get the hell over it and get MATURITY.

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