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Okay, so I just watched Final Destination. Devon Sawa got ugly. I remember when I was like ten or eleven, I used to think he was soooo cute. He's all ugly and stuff now. Eww. Ugliness.

Anyways. Last night, I got Jon to carve his first pumpkin. That's right, kiddies. Jonathan is nearly twenty years old and he had never carved a pumpkin. He deserved the joys of carving a pumpkin! Especially since he got into a car accident yesterday that completely KILLED his car. Not even two weeks after he got it fixed, too. Jon's okay, thankfully, but his car is probably going to be shipped off to the car cemetary. :( That means, we have no vehicle.. which also means we're screwed.

But seriously, I'm glad he's okay. That's really the main important thing.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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