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Time Is Running Out

You know what's really creepy? Being at Rocky's and looking over, and thinking you see your ex-boyfriend. I mean.. it's pretty distinct.. Long black hair, kinda short, Hispanic. Your heart beats a mile a minute because a) you don't want to deal with the awkwardness, and b) you just don't want to deal with your ex in general. You kinda scoot behind the friend you came with, and keep your eye on this ex.. and they turn around and you see that it's not your ex at all, but just a wanna-be! You sigh of relief. That was a close one.

This happened to me not too long ago.

I got the best job ever. I am the sole administrative assistant for LDA Insurance Services. I get my own little office type area. I sit on my ass in front of the computer, answer the phone, make faxes, and RELAX! Oh yes.. And as if that wasn't all. I work 9 am to 3 pm every Monday through Thursday. I get every single evening off, and every single Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off! DOESN'T THAT ROCK THE SOCKS?!

Also, I am a member of the Orlando Rocky Horror Picture Show shadow cast now. There's a performance this Friday and Saturday. COME AND SEE ME, BITCHES!!

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