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Corrupting All Of Humanity..

Hmm.. well I got my Mercury UFO plushie in the mail all the way from Japan. Call me pathetic, but once I saw that the plushie was wrapped in Japanese newspaper, I got really excited. It was funny, because my aunt was like "The newspaper is making you more excited than what's wrapped inside it!" And you know what, for a second, that was true.. Then I unwrapped the newspaper and saw my cute little Sailormercury collectors plushie that I've wanted for so long, that my excitement level increased. Sailorjupiter should be on it's way soon!

I also got my Kovenant cd from the UK. You can't get that band in stores over here in America.. and I must say, I fucking love this band. I wish they would come tour over here because I would definitely go see them. They've slowly transitioned into one of my favorite metal bands.

I don't have much time before I have to leave for work, and I still gotta go get my lunch ready. Dammit all to hell!

If you're in the Orlando area, be sure to come see Rich Weirdoes perform Rocky Horror Picture Show live at CityWalk Universal on Friday and Saturday nights at 12:00 am! *Cough* Yours truly will be performing as a Transie..



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